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          หวย งวด 16 กรกฎาคม

          We are one of the leading telemunications and ICT knowledge solutions providers in the CALA region.

          Explore your sector below to discover how we can assist your business.



          Corporate IT


          Our Clients

          "not only has the knowledge but also a very flexible delivery model"

          Susan Boyea

          Vice President, Shared Services IT, Sagicor Financial

          "provided invaluable project management leadership [and] strategic stakeholder management skills"

          Tony Del Castilho

          General Manager, Prism Financial Processing Services Ltd

          "the right partners for us"

          Peter Bentham

          IT Manager, Rubis Eastern Caribbean SRL

          "Northpoint’s teams were very responsive and flexible"

          David Mayers

          Country Manager, Ericsson

          "very responsive "

          Romez Webster IT Manager

          CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa

          Our Partners

          24/7 Network Monitoring

          Northpoint’s Network Monitoring Services provide our clients with reliable, cost effective alternatives for managing their network. Whether the client is a network operator, or the IT team in a regional enterprise, our services give them the opportunity to re-purpose their limited technical staff to focus on operational network maintenance and fault resolution, ultimately helping to improve the integrity of the network. From our 24x7 Managed Services Centre in Barbados, Northpoint also leverages its knowledge and experience to help our clients improve their operational procedures to bring greater efficiency to their fault management process.

          Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

          Get in touch with us today.

          Get In Touch

          We would love to hear from you!

          p 246-426-8700
          e info@

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